I Always Thought There Was A Birch Forest Here (2014)

I always thought there was a birch forest there and it doesn’t matter if there really was one or not. My father worked for a railway company. Throughout my childhood, a long train ride through forests was our usual weekend. Places I saw from the train window, views I went passed without touching are the sceneries I feel both connected to and disconnected from. They are the ones that stayed with me for long.

We are always an active contributor to our own memories. Remembering is never projection of records but reconstruction of history. As soon as we start remembering something, we are changing it. Through creating this series I explored the fluidity of memories and a powerful but fragile act of remembering. What-might-have-been becomes what happened, what we think had happened might be only what we wish them to be.

The work was developed in an artist-in-residence program at Takt Kunstprojektraum Berlin, Germany in 2014.

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