Ryo Yamauchi is a photographer and printmaker. She works with photogravure, a technique that combines photography and etching. Her practice evolves through the gesture of collecting and pressing – a primitive act of contemplating time, experience and knowledge.

Always returning to her original passion in semiotics and love for the natural world, she explores communication using images as a language to examine alternative perspectives, achieve further understanding of the whole and restore intuition through connecting with nature.

Having had extensive travel and photography experience in cold climates including Iceland, Norway and Alaska, she currently focuses on documenting landscapes in the High Country of Tasmania and Victoria; two of the most unique and diverse ecosystems in the world.

Ryo is a resident artist at Montsalvat, an oldest continuously active artist colony in Australia, where she also assists building maintenance and groundskeeping at.

Contact Ryo by email info@ryoyamauchi.com or follow on Instagram @ryoyamauchi_

+61 434 674 682