I Hear The Mountains (2014)

Upon encountering the remote wilderness we sometimes face nothing but utter silence. But silence is not an absence of sound, it’s rather the inability for us to perceive the right waves. By gently speeding up seismograph data into deep sound, we pull the viewer into space where they not only see the mountains but feel the transformation of a landscape. Through an overwhelming sensory experience, the piece evokes a meditative quality in a space.

In this piece a viewer is presented with a large projected landscape photograph, while a sped­-up recording of the seismograph data from the landscape’s location (Hvannadalshnúkur) is played. The sound changes its volume responding to the position and movement of the viewer(s). An interactive artist Alan Chatham integrated the work by combining digital photography projection, sound, and interactive space mapping.

The work was included in an art fair “Terrain” in Spokane, United States.

Collaborator: Alan Chatham
Laboratory Spokane