Where The Land Speaks (2016)

Silence is another form of sound.

Upon encountering wilderness we sometimes face nothing but utter silence. But silence is not an absence of sound but rather it’s our inability to perceive the right waves. Similarly, changelessness in the landscape formation is an illusion. The land is constantly moving and, inevitably, it’s creating changes and sound.

The sound you hear in the gallery is the transformed voice of the land – by gently speeding up seismograph data into deep sound, the room turns into a space where we not only see the mountains, but feel the transformation of a landscape. Through a sensory experience the installation evokes tranquil, meditative quality in a space.

Through this project I aim to expand how we experience and relate to the landscape around us, as well as how photography medium can be developed into an installation using methods inspired by technology and science. The audience is invited to feel and experience their unique relationship with nature and play with the concept of silence and sound, change and changeless.

Salamanca Arts Centre Sidespace Gallery
77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point 7004 TAS

Friday 8 – Tuesday 19 January 2016
10:00am – 5:00pm weekdays / 10:00am – 3:00pm weekends

Friday 8 January 2016 @ 5:00pm

ARTIST TALK at 10:00am daily
Ryo Yamauchi will briefly talk about the work and invite the audience to sit with the work for about 10mins, followed by Q/A

The project is supported by Salamanca Arts Centre.

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